Christmas Hours & Delivery Shutdown

Shop Hours

🟢Wed 22nd December: Open 09.30-11am

🟢Thurs 23rd December: Open 5-8pm

🔴Friday 24th December: CLOSED

🔴Saturday 25th December: CLOSED

🔴Sunday 26th December: CLOSED

🔴Monday 27th December: CLOSED B/H

🔴Tuesday 28th December: CLOSED

🟢Wednesday 29th December: Open 09.30-11am

🟢Thursday 30th December: Open 5-8pm

🔴Friday 31st December: CLOSED

🔴Saturday 1st January: CLOSED B/H

🔴Sunday 2nd January: CLOSED

🔴Monday 3rd January: CLOSED B/H

🔴Tuesday 4th January: CLOSED

🟢Wednesday 5th January: 09.30-11am


Delivery Shutdown

❌️️SHUT DOWN: WEEK 50 – Week commencing 13th December, last day is the WEDNESDAY block on 15th December

✅️REOPEN: WEEK 3 – Week commencing 17th January, this will start with the THURSDAY Block, 20th December