NutriWolds – Rawest Chicken Complete 1kg


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Our 80/10/10 single proteins have been developed using the same NutriWolds top quality and ethically sourced great tasting ingredients. Made with succulent prime cuts of UK Farmer Assured Chicken.

This is their super chunky recipe, this food is absolutely amazing quality


All ingredients are Human Grade, certified Farmer Assured meat. Chicken 100% made up of 80% lean chicken (Gizzard, Breast, Thigh, Skin and 10% heart), 10% Chicken Livers and 10% Chicken Backs (Bone).


Analytical Constituents

Moisture 73.18%
Protein 18%
Fat 8%
Ash 0.92%
Fibre <0.2%
Total kcal 100g/500g/1000g 150 750 1,500

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