NutriWolds – Unroasted Beef Super Chunky Complete 1kg


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Unroasted Beef

Made with Farmer Assured grass-fed beef, sourced locally from the rolling Yorkshire hills, is our only single protein raw and is a firm favourite with our precious pets.

Like all our raw recipes, our added vegetables, herbs, oils and mineral superfoods are all organic for ultimate freshness and flavour. The Kombu seaweed we use is grown wild and hand harvested from the shores of Scarborough by SeaGrown.

All ethically and sustainably sourced and loving made at NutriWolds HQ.


Our cartons and lids are all made from bagasse, which is a by-product of sugar cane which is a sustainable crop, our sleeves are made from fully recyclable card which is currently seeking biodegradable certification. All our inks and glues are biodegradable.


We are the only pet food company to list everything in detail that goes into our food, we believe this level of transparency is important.

All ingredients are Human Grade, certified Farmer Assured meat and Organic vegetables and herbs.

Lean Grass Fed Beef (68.65%), Grass Fed Ox Heart (14.97%), Grass Fed Ox Liver (6.40%), Grass Fed Ox Rib (2.24%), Grass Fed Ox Spleen (1.25%), Organic Pumpkin Seeds (1.02%), Organic Cold Pressed Hempseed Oil (0.95%), Organic Purple Sweet Potato (0.62%), Organic Red Cabbage (0.60%), Organic Courgette (0.50%), Organic Mooli (0.50%), Organic Sundried Tomatoes (0.50%), Himalayan Pink Rock Salt (0.37%), Cod Liver Oil (0.31%), Organic Ginger (0.25%), Organic Spinach (0.25%), Organic Wheatgrass (0.25%), Wild Grown Seaweed (0.25%), Organic Parsley (0.12%).

Moisture 66.8%
Protein 18.5%
Fat 9.8%
Ash 1.6%
Fibre 0.8%
Total kcal 100g/500g/1000g 176.5 882.5 1,765

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